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The Peachtree MG Registry is home to more than 140 MG enthusiasts in the Greater Atlanta Metro region and beyond.  Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in British Cars, including, but not limited to, MG cars and their preservation and enjoyment.

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President:  Joe Rushing


Membership Chair:  Dan Bosso

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Renewal is open from January until March 31st each year.  Please use the membership renewal form below. Thanks!

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RELEASE AND WAIVER: In consideration for the right to register for membership, pay the registration fee online, and thereby participate in Peachtree MG Registry activities, you release the Peachtree MG Registry, other clubs and event sponsors, from any and all liability resulting in damage to your car and/or property and to the property of others, and all injuries, not limited to but including death, while participating in or traveling to or from the such events.


Dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of MG automobiles since 1984.

A member in good standing is any individual or couple whose dues are current and conducts themselves in a manner acceptable to the membership.  We plan and conduct special events that bring the owners of British Cars and Sports Cars together for drives in the surrounding countryside and mountains, tech sessions to learn how to maintain the cars, opportunities to show the cars, support worthy charitable causes and, simply, to share the love for British cars.  
Come join us!