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653 Gainesville Hwy, Winder, GA  30680

Frankie and Andy’s Place is a unique combination of senior dog shelter and emotional healing center for troubled humans. A beautiful log cabin, nestled in a picturesque Barrow County woodland setting, Frankie and Andy’s Place is home to a small number of gentle, loving senior dogs who have been cast aside by their humans and yet who still have many valuable gifts to share ..... These gifts of sympathy, time, reassurance and unconditional love are then shared with troubled humans in an atmosphere of calm and acceptance to help them mend. Frankie and Andy’s Place ....... a healing collaboration between man and his best friend. 

Just the facts...

“We take them in, wrap them in our arms and [help them heal]. We patiently teach them to trust, to hope, to believe in a better life....There are over 50 of us volunteers, some of us work with the dogs every day, some just whenever they have time, but each of us plays a vital part in the healing process. Each of us, with every moment shared, with every spoonful of food, with every woodland walk or silent embrace, puts a little love into that empty bucket.
Day by day, the level of love rises higher and higher and by the time that the bucket is full, the dog has learned to trust humans, to revel in the friendship of man and dog, and to be excited about life once more...or maybe, even, for the first time.”   Penny Miller

Gwinnett Animal Hospital in Lawrenceville
serves FAAP residents’ veterinary needs

2017 Charity


Just A Few of the 50+

“Empty Buckets, Ready to be Filled”

“Any rescue organization is only as good as the people involved in it, and we are beyond blessed to have the most incredible group of people who give so generously of their time and their love.

We have many, many volunteers, but we give a special shout-out to our weekly 'Super Volunteers' who provide a regular 'family pack' connection to our fantastic oldies, some of whom were stray, but also some of whom have been dumped by the family that they knew for all of their lives, without ever understanding why.

The regularity of your visits and the constancy of your care, has enabled dogs like Lil Kim, Fiona, Juju and Gilda to feel a part of a new pack, one that is even better than the one they had before!”  Penny Miller

  • Formed on 30th September 2015
  • Confirmed a 501c(3) non-profit on October 15th 2015.
  • Achieved Gold Star status with  
  • Recognized as a Top Rated Non-Profit for 2016
  • Operates openly and with complete transparency with a hope that donors will continue to see where the heart of FAAP is.
  • Continues to progress the vision for FAAP with only the dogs as a focus.
  • All donations go exclusively to caring for the dogs and their experiences at FAAP.
  • Operates COMPLETELY through the time and treasure of its 50+ volunteers.  
  • Hopes and Dreams:

         1. Provide lavatory facility for volunteers
         2. Add more cabins to serve more seniors



Life inside the cabin is peaceful, except at mealtimes when the sugar snouts get excited about the home-cooked meals Auntie Pen makes!

Meet the Millers
Originally from the UK, now residing in Winder, GA
Those “Bloody Brits”!

“When we started Frankie and Andy’s Place with our partners Penny and Krystle, we had a was of a place where we could take dogs that had been cast aside because of their age and infirmities, and not only make them whole, and give them love…but also give them a purpose.  All of us had had our hearts mended and our lives forever changed by the love of a dog, and we wanted our community to be healed in the same way.
Eight months later, and we have saved 12 dogs, two of whom have gone into permanent homes, 8 are living happily at the cabin.... one, precious Huxley, that we sadly could not get to the cabin because he was too sick and so he was given a dignified and peaceful passing in the fresh air surrounded by loving arms and good wishes”.       Penny Miller 

What is Frankie and Andy’s Place?

Just before entering heaven is the Rainbow Bridge and just before crossing the bridge is Frankie & Andy's Place...a sanctuary where lost and forgotten canine souls enjoy loving care from dedicated volunteers, healthy and delicious meals, clean comfy beds to snuggle in...All in a beautiful cabin in the woods begging to be explored. This is an extraordinary home for end of life senior canines, who, in turn, bring companionship and joy to lonely and troubled folks in the community. How perfect!

“Super Volunteers”…provide a regular ‘Family Pack’…”